Premium Car Brand Aims To Go Full Carbon-Neutral

Sun 11th Apr 2021

While many of the world’s biggest car manufacturers have promised to phase out highly-polluting vehicles by the end of the decade, there is still some way before the industry can be considered completely carbon neutral.

Volvo’s premium brand Polestar however is hoping to go one step better with their processes over the next ten years by reducing their emissions to zero across all aspects of the business.

Founded by Volvo and Geely just five years ago, Polestar have never had the historical legacy holding back their green ambitions and are now looking to identify carbon reductions across their entire value chain.

Many motoring organisations could achieve net-carbon-zero today by offsetting their emissions, but Polestar want to take then more ethical route. Offsetting involves planting trees to compensate for any emissions your business pumps into the atmosphere, and is seen as a controversial tactic by many.

“Offsetting is a cop-out,” Polestar’s chief executive Thomas Ingenlath said. “By pushing ourselves to create a completely climate-neutral car, we are forced to reach beyond what is possible today. We will have to question everything, innovate and look to exponential technologies as we design towards zero.”

Polestar’s commitment to being completely carbon neutral will see them provide a labelling system which will outline the lifetime carbon footprint of each vehicle they build. A system which will eventually see them aim for a more sustainable future.

“We’re electric, so we don’t have to worry about combustion engines producing toxic emissions – but that doesn’t mean our job is done,” said Polestar’s head of sustainability, Fredrika Klaren. “We will now work to eradicate all emissions stemming from production. Now is a historic and exciting time for car makers, an opportunity to seize the moment, do better and dare to build the dream of climate-neutral, circular and beautiful cars.”