Private Parking Firms Boom

Thu 6th Jan 2022

A government clampdown on the powers of private car parking companies has shown little impact on curtailing the practices of some of the cowboy firms according to new data published this week.

British drivers are handed 22,000 tickets a day says analysis of government data by the Press Association, and between April and September last year there were four million parking charges made. The high number of charges could beat the record 8.4million figure set between 2019 and 2020, an astonishing total considering many motorists have reduced their car use during the pandemic.

There were a total of 163 different companies requesting driver details from the DVLA, with ParkingEye requesting the most with almost 900,000 records collected. While the car parking companies will be making huge profits, the DVLA themselves actually charge £2.50 per record request, which is nice little earner for very little work.

“If there is one sector of the economy which has been resilient during Covid then it is the private parking industry, which continues to attract new players and is on course to issue as many tickets to drivers this year as it did before the pandemic reached these shores,” said Steve Gooding, director of motoring research at the RAC Foundation.

“The sheer volume of tickets being issued is a clear sign that something in the current system isn't working.

“We believe there are very few drivers who set out to intentionally break the rules and consequently get stuck with a bill for up to £100, particularly if all they were doing was dropping off some of the myriad parcel deliveries we've been ordering this year to an apartment block or industrial estate.

“Our advice to drivers is never ignore a parking charge notice. Read it carefully and, however strongly it's worded, if it's wrong, challenge it.”