Range Rover Celebrates 50 Years

Thu 18th Jun 2020


One of the UK’s most iconic vehicles, the Range Rover has celebrated its 50th birthday by launching a limited edition Range Rover Fifty SUV.

First launched to the market on 17th June 1970, the Range Rover is now on its fourth edition still going strong. The car was first conceived in the mid-1960s, when Charles Spencer King, nephew of the Land Rover founders, came up with the idea to combine the comfort of a Rover saloon with the off-road capabilities of a Land Rover.

The 100-inch station wagon became an instant classic when it was launched as a two-door vehicle in 1970 - going on to become the first ever car displayed in the world famous Louvre Museum in Paris.

To commemorate the anniversary of the Range Rover, the company have produced 1970 limited edition ‘Fifty’ vehicles. The SUV will include a Fifty accent graphic on its side, a unique commissioning plaque and debossed headrests. The Range Rover Fifty will also be available in the original launch colours, including Tuscan Blue.

The limited edition will available in a range of powertrain options, including petrol, diesel and even plug-in hybrid.

“In the world of luxury vehicles, the Range Rover has always stood apart as peerless and enduring. Its unique and pioneering sensibilities together with an unrivalled engineering approach have been the intrinsic values which our customers have admired since the first of the breed was revealed in 1970,” said Land Rover’s Chief Creative Officer, Prof Gerry McGovern.