Reckless Driver Claims Lands End To John O’Groats Record

Tue 29th May 2018

A driver who has claimed to have driven from John O’Groats to Lands End in less than 10 hours has been branded reckless by motoring authorities.

Tommy Davies made the 841-mile trip in a modified Audi S5, stopping just once to refuel and completing the journey in just nine hours and 36 minutes.

At an average of 90mph, Davies’ journey was assisted by a close friend, and some nifty technology which allowed them to avoid the speed traps and a detector to listen to police radio signals. It is estimated that Davies passed through 50-speed cameras on the journey, and also spotted seven police cars, but made the entire journey without collecting a single ticket.

The modifications to the Audi included a specially adapted 4.2 litre VA engine and upgraded brakes with 400 brake horsepower.

Tommy said: "If you speak to a lot of people, the ten-hour mark doesn't seem possible to break, with the average speed cameras and the police, the odds were stacked against us.

"A lot of people said it couldn't be done - so we went out to prove them wrong.

"We believe we are the only ones to do it that quick on land - only a FG1 Phantom fighter Jet has done it faster in just under 47 minutes.

"We left at 8pm, which we perfectly timed to pass Glasgow at 11.45pm, then come through Liverpool and Birmingham in the dead of night as they are the most populated areas.

"We had a fuel tank in the boot that extends the range of the car from 250 miles to over 400 miles which meant we only had to stop once.

"It was a bit of shock when we finished, we had to quickly double check that it was definitely nine hours 36," Tommy, of Llangollen, north Wales, said.

Davies’ exploits have not gone down well with road safety experts, Ian Crowder, head of road safety at AA has said he hopes the police prosecute him.

He said: "Britain's road are crowded, and far too many people are injured and killed in road accidents every day.

"For somebody to deliberately set about to break the land speed record, film it, and admit how many police he passed and how many cameras he avoided is an outrageous example of putting thousands of people's lives at risk.

"I hope the police prosecute him. It is almost unbelievable that somebody would do that, deliberately, and then brag about it.

"No matter how skilled a driver you are, he was very lucky to avoid any kind of incident. What if somebody pulled out? He wouldn't have had a chance.

"And to film it? Words fail me. I think it will provide the police all the evidence they need to prosecute him."