Renault Back Block On EU Rules

Thu 1st Jun 2023

Renault’s CEO has welcomed a decision by a group of European nations to block the legislation which will increase the pressure on automakers to make cleaner cars.

In a recent statement, CEO Luca de Meo expressed his gratitude towards the Italian government and seven other nation for standing against the proposed Euro 7 emissions regulations by the European Union. According to him, these regulations could potentially divert the auto industry from its current focus on electrification.

The European Union is all set to negotiate the proposed Euro 7 legislation this year. This new legislation aims to tighten the limits for pollutants, including nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide. It's designed to apply to cars and vans from July 2025, and to buses and trucks just two years later. 

De Meo explained that the new rules will punish those automakers who are already spending millions on developing emission-free cars in a race to meet EV deadlines. Speaking about the Euro 7 proposals he said: "They want to introduce a new regulation which would distract us from our mission to transform the industry."This would require us to put a lot of money on things which have no future, so I wish the European Union could review its intentions.”

Italy has been joined France, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia in opposing the new rules. The EU’s rules have already been questioned by the German government which is keen to see a relaxation to allow the development of e-fuels.

The European Commission has announced a deadline of 2035 for the discontinuation of fossil fuel car production.