Report Highlights Worst Rural Roads For Rookies

Thu 13th May 2021

Young drivers are more likely to be involved in a fatal accident on country roads according to latest evidence, and now the AA has revealed which roads are most dangerous for inexperienced motorists.

The AA’s Charitable Trust has published the data this week, which shows that young drivers are over-represented in rural crashes by 9 per cent and that 71 per cent of fatal crashes involving young drivers are on rural roads.

“This ground-breaking analysis shows, for the first time, the most dangerous rural roads for young drivers as well as an in-depth study of contributory factors involved in those crashes,” said the AA Charitable Trust director, Edmund King

“Many young drivers and indeed parents are unaware that rural roads pose a specific and significant risk to young drivers and potentially are much more dangerous than motorways or urban roads. 71% of fatal car crashes involving young drivers take place on rural roads. The research should help target driver education at the times and places young drivers are most at risk.”

The charity has published a list of most dangerous roads in the UK for young drivers, based on both collision density and percentage of all crashes. The A229 in Kent and the A6076 in County Durham come top of the list in both areas.

And while we may bemoan Sunday drivers, it seems that younger drivers are at the other end of the speed scale, with young drivers 24 per cent more likely to crash on a Sunday than other drivers.

The AA are campaigning for the data to be used to educate young drivers, a campaign backed by the Transport Secretary Grant Shapps, who said: “Rural roads are often narrow with blind bends, which is why it’s essential we raise awareness among young people on how to drive safely on them.

“I strongly support the AA in their work to improve the education of drivers. Our award-winning THINK! campaign challenges social norms among younger drivers – including attitudes to speeding and driving on rural roads –and I look forward to working together to prevent further tragedies.”



By Collision Density

By Percentage of all Crashes (relative risk)


A229 in Kent

A6076 in County Durham


A2 in Kent

A704 in West Lothian


A3 in Surrey

A419 in Gloucestershire


A1 in Hertfordshire

A388 in Cornwall


A243 in Surrey

A41 in Hertfordshire

A846 in Argyll & Bute


A414 in Hertfordshire

Ranked equal to above


A1 in Wakefield

A5093 in Cumbria

A885 in Argyll & Bute

A4068 in Powys

A436 in Gloucestershire


A322 in Surrey

Ranked equal to above


A249 in Kent

Ranked equal to above


A595 in Cumbria

Ranked equal to above