Revealed: Best Car Brand Nation

Thu 31st Mar 2022

There are some huge motoring nations around the world, with many laying claim to having the best car brands, but new analysis has revealed which country produces the most loved motors.

The Brits love a Land Rovers, Italians love a Ferrari, Germans love a Volkswagen and the Japanese cherish their Honda’s, but none of the aforementioned countries can lay claim to having the best brand - that goes to the Czech Republic.

A new ‘Expert Rating Index’ published by The Car Expert this week has shocked the industry by naming the home of the Skoda brand as the very best. The algorithm which came up with the data was used by combining the car reviews from the UK’s most trusted motoring websites - delivering one single rating for every brand.

Due to the fact that many traditionally European brands are now owned by multi-national parent companies, the research looked at the car’s original country of origin to collate the data, and does not account for the fact that many vehicles are now produced in a wide range of countries.

The analysis focused on 340 new car models that were on sale from 1st March 2022, and only included brands with a minimum of 10 reviews.

The Czech Republic scored an impressive 76.4 per cent thanks to the efforts of Skoda, with Sweden (74.1%) and Germany (73.5%) completing the top three. The United Kingdom trailed in fifth with 71.5 per cent, but there was better news for the home nation with Britain the home to four of the top ten individual brands. Rolls-Royce, McLaren, Aston Martin and Bentley completing a fine tradition of luxury motoring, Alpine from France came top of the list.

“Many will be surprised to find that Germany has not topped the charts, but also that the title belongs to the Czech Republic,” said The Car Expert editor, Stuart Masson.

“Skoda has made huge strides over the years and has seen its line-up praised consistently in the eyes of automotive journalists and consumers alike. 

“Overall, Skoda’s value for money and ability to deliver cars that outperform many more expensive models was the recurring praise of journalists’ reviews across the brand.' 

He added: “For a country that has a strong presence within the UK market, the Expert Ratings for French brands were surprisingly low. 

“However, it was pleasing to see two British models coming out on top, proving that the UK knows how to design first-class vehicles.”