REVEALED: The Mercedes-AMG G63 Is Here, And It’s Fast… Very Fast

Tue 13th Feb 2018

The all-new 577bhp Mercedes-AMG G63 is on its way and despite its square looks, it has the kind of power that will make even a Ferrari tilt its head.

Previously the iconic design of the G-Class had a chassis that would not cope with the traditional V8 engines, and thus they toned down the power-output. But they’ve worked on the new model and it now has super-powered 4.0 litre bi-turbo AMG V8 engine which requires a nine-speed (that’s right nine-speed!) gearbox.

It’s been described by a shipping unit on wheels, but there’s no stopping this beast once it gets moving. 0-62mph in 4.5 seconds – so even if it is ugly, it’s unlikely that you’ll see it in passing.

Believe it or not, Mercedes have even brought in some economical engine developments. If you are light on the throttle then the V8 actually shuts down four of its cylinders, helping it boast a fuel consumption of just 21.4mpg.

As you would expect with those beefy looks, the G63 can handle the off-road, and with a tougher suspension you get three differing levels of stiffness with a flick of a switch.  All this of course is aided greatly by those very impressive 22-inch wheels.

How much you can expect to pay for this work of art is yet to be revealed. But if you want one, you’ll find a way of affording one. Start saving the pennies today people.

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