Revealed: The Reason Car Insurance Is Cheaper For Women

Thu 23rd Aug 2018

Britain’s female drivers are paying far less for their car insurance premiums and a review of six million quotes and premiums has revealed the reason why.

Price comparison website,, conducted the research, which shows that on average women pay £92 less than their male counterparts for car insurance, a huge figure when you consider that there are almost as many women as men on the UK’s roads.

So why do female drivers pay less than men? The answer lies in the simple truth that a motoring offence is four times more likely to be committed when a man is behind the wheel of a car. The average premium for a woman is £701, compared to £793 for men.

Speeding remains the biggest motoring offence for both sexes, but 23 per cent of men have been caught driving too fast compared to only 7 per cent of women.

Men made two thirds of all claims in 2017, though worryingly, the research also reveals that 18 per cent of men had no car insurance at all!

Amanda Stretton, Motoring Editor, said: “As a female racing driver, I know women can hold their own when it comes to driving, and data suggests that they are in fact safer on the roads.

“But regardless of who is paying more, men or women, car insurance is a cost that is unavoidable for all drivers and is one of the many reasons motoring is becoming unaffordable.

"We encourage both male and female drivers to shop around for their car insurance."