Road Signs To Be Added To Pavements For ‘Zombie Pedestrians’

Wed 5th Sep 2018

Government advisers are advocating the use of road signs on the nation’s pavements in order to keep mobile phone distracted pedestrians safe from causing accidents.

Studies have previously found that 70 per cent of motorists had witnessed a pedestrian step into the road while staring at their phone, and the problem is not a new one. In 2009, the AA identified an issue knows as ‘iPod Zombies’.

The Netherlands has seen a trial of LED lights warning pedestrians of road crossings, whilst in China has installed specialised lanes for those who want to text whilst walking, to avoid collisions on the pavements. With the trial in Holland said to be successful in preventing people from wandering into the road, it’s thought that the UK is one of a number of European countries keen to trial the technology.

Speaking to The Telegraph, one of the Government’s leading transport advisors, Shaun Helman said: “If we are thinking about injury prevention and the dominant ‘safe system’ approach used within road safety, there is actually a strong case for redesigning infrastructure over relying on other methods of changing behaviour.

“Thus, if we are to provide information to people dependent on where they are looking (on the floor, if they are looking at their phone for example), it is vital that this information is placed at points where important decisions need to be made (for example about whether to cross).”