Roads To Get Anti-Ageing Cream

Wed 14th Apr 2021

The lifespan of the great British highway could be extended thanks to an innovative new resurfacing mix which has been labelled ‘anti-ageing cream for roads’.

Highways England have trialled their first road with the new surface, the A43 in Northamptonshire, with Total and Tarmac. Roads normally are expected to last 10-12 years before cracks begin appearing in them, but it is hoped the new asphalt will give the highway an extended lifespan.

Using a new form of bitumen, the material is more resistant to water, sun and air, all three of which are the biggest hazards to road surfaces as they help oxidise the road. 

“We’re always looking for innovative ways to help us keep England’s motorways and major A-roads in good condition. The ultimate priority for us is safety so we invest in new technology and materials to keep those using the roads safe,” said Mike Wilson from Highways England.

“Longer lasting roads means fewer roadworks, less disruption for motorists and a more sustainable network for everyone.”

As more government agencies aim to provide more sustainable solutions, the potential for fewer road repairs could reduce costs and make for fewer carbon emissions, which is a win-win for everyone concerned.

Brian Kent, technical director at Tarmac, said: “What we have in this case is essentially an anti-ageing cream for roads – just as these products are designed to reduce and prevent the signs of fine lines and overall ageing of the skin, the new bitumen being trialled on the A43 will protect the road surface.

“It not only has the potential to offer improved value for money to the public purse, but it also contains properties to increase the overall lifespan of roads.”