Roadwork Speed Cameras Make Millions

Mon 6th Jul 2020

Drivers in England and Wales who have been caught creeping past the speed limit at roadworks have been hit with fines totalling almost £10million.

Data published in The Sun this week showed that more than 100,000 had been caught speeding, despite the fact that the Highways Agency’s own trials suggesting that there is very little difference between a 50mph and 60mph speed limit when it comes to safety.

The most profitable section of roadworks over the last few years has been the A14 between Cambridge and Huntingdon, which in three years has caught nearly 40,000 motorists travelling above the temporary speed limit of 40mph, bringing in close to £4million.

Elsewhere, 11,000 drivers were caught on the M1 near Derby, 7,000 snapped on the A55 in North Wales, with similar numbers on the M5 and M62.

The figures are only released to the public once the temporary speed limit systems are decommissioned.

Speaking to The Sun, Hugh Bladon, of the Alliance of British Drivers, said: “Limits may be appropriate when people are walking about with a spade, but they should go back when they clock off work.

“We ought to have a system where we change the limit to fit in with what is needed at specific hours of the day.”