Rolls Royce Tight Lipped On EV Future

Tue 1st Jun 2021

The Silent Shadow Rolls Royce has been confirmed by the luxury British car brand, but there is no confirmation as of yet that it will be the company’s first all-electric.

Tongues were set wagging last year when the BMW AG division launched a patent for the Silent Shadow trademark, a potential tribute to the Silver Shadow marque which ruled the roads during the 60s, 70s and 80s. 

But despite the word ‘Silent’ seemingly confirming a quieter, smoother engine, Torsten Mueller-Oetvoes, the Rolls-Royce Chief Executive Officer has refused to confirm whether it will be the company’s first EV step.

Speaking to Bloomberg, Muller-Oetvoes refused to confirm or deny the rumours, saying: “That is still a secret. But it will of course obviously be a brand-new Rolls-Royce, rest assured.”

The German CEO was in playful mood during the interview, suggesting that roaring engines has never really been Rolls-Royce’s style so a switch to a more silent EV engine would not be too great a shift.

“Electrification fits perfect to Rolls-Royce -- it’s torque-y, it’s super-silent,” he said. “We are not known for roary, loud engines and exhaust noises whatsoever, and that’s a big benefit.

“It is important for us to use mature technology. Because our customers don’t want to experiment in this segment.”

“They expect the very highest quality and reliability from a Rolls-Royce in particular. That is fundamental for the brand. That’s why we don’t implement a new technology until we are absolutely sure.”

What we do know about the Silent Shadow is that it will be built using the same platform as the Phantom, described previously as an ‘Architecture of Luxury’, sharing components from the BMW i7.