Royal Family Set To Go Electric

Tue 19th Jun 2018

Prince Charles’ friendship with the Tesla family could see the first EV added to the private collection of the Royal Family.

The heir to the throne has often been criticised for his environmental crusades, but he is fully on trend with his interest in electric cars. Charles is known to have tested both a Tesla and Jaguar’s new I-Pace in recent months and is reportedly keen to add an electric car to the Jaguar XJ and Audi A8 he has already under his ownership.

Prince Charles has previously dabbled with greener motoring initiatives, his personal Aston Martin DB6 was bizarrely powered by an engine that converted surplus win into clean ethanol. It is also known that Charles’ fleet of close to 100 vehicles is run on environmentally friendly cooking oil based fuel.

Charles was also lucky enough to get behind the wheel of a pre-production Jaguar I-Pace earlier this year, and with three Royal Warrants from Prince Charles, the Queen and Prince Phillip, it seems that the traditionally British brand may be leading the race.

“There is definitely a plan for us to incorporate electric cars into the royal fleet,” a Clarence House spokesman said in the Daily Telegraph.

There is a small chance that Charles’ friendship with Kimbal Musk, the younger brother of Tesla chief, Elon, may sway the debate across the Atlantic. The future king has been spotted driving a black Tesla Model S on his Scottish estate in Ayrshire, and has also played host to Kimbal as the pair share a strong interest in green and environmental issues.