Rush To Get Petrol Cars Before 2030 Ban

Mon 7th Mar 2022

For all the positive PR of the electric car and the ever increasing rise in sales, there remains a strong group of motorists who simply prefer to drive petrol or diesel and a new poll from the AA has revealed that there are twice as many keen to buy an ICE car than an EV.

The AA poll, which quizzed a huge panel of more than 15,000 drivers found that 22 per cent believe that their next vehicle will be a petrol, compared to just one in 10 who will be opting for the greener alternative.

However, it’s not all great news for the gas guzzlers, diesel has long been on the demise and the AA poll reveals just how far down the pecking order it has become. The analysis shows that 36 per cent of us driving diesel, but only nine per cent will be buying another as their next car.

The data is significant as it shows the expected trends for motoring over the next decade, with the respondents all asked which fuel type they might be buying over the next five years.

Despite what seems like a boost for combustion engine manufacturers and fans, the AA sees the poll as another significant victory for the electric future of motoring.

“One in ten drivers saying they will actively choose an electric vehicle for their next car is a great step towards cleaning up the UK's road based transport system,” said AA president Edmund King.

“The electric revolution is in good health, but with a large group of drivers unsure which drivetrain to choose next, we know that some drivers need help and reassurance that, should they switch, the AA will be able to help them throughout their ownership.

“As the UK's number one for EVs, with more EV-trained patrols than anyone else, we're giving power to electric drivers so potential owners or a long standing EV drivers, can trust us to support them throughout their electric dream.”