Santa Seeks An Upgrade On His Sleigh

Mon 24th Dec 2018 has made hundreds of new car owners happy for Christmas Day. But what would make Santa happy if he were to choose a new sleigh?

Whilst we are not ones to put Rudolph and his mates out of business, there are some car manufacturers who might have an eye on upgrading the traditional reindeers and sleigh.

Jaguar F-Sleigh
Codenamed 'F-SLEIGH', the Jaguar Christmas sleigh takes inspiration from the Jaguar F-TYPE convertible, but with skates in place of wheels, a generous open luggage compartment for gifts and jet power to generate Jaguar's renowned supercharged performance through the night sky.  A Growler-embossed red nose completes the F-SLEIGH's Christmas theme.

Lexus Flying Luxury Cruiser
The Lexus Flying Luxury Cruiser features:

  • An advanced Lexus Hybrid Drive system with 800 reindeerpower which creates fewer emissions than even a single reindeer. It also features an EV mode to allow Santa to stealthily land on every rooftop

  • Blind Spot Monitor with Rear Cross-Traffic Alert to make Santa aware of any objects around him (like chimneys) to ensure safe maneuvering

  • Advanced Pre-Collision System to gauge if Santa is approaching an object too quickly in which case it will slow down and stop the Cruiser, helping prevent Grandma from getting run over

  • Lexus Navigation System with e-Destination so Santa can send all the addresses for the nice children to his Cruiser in advance.

  • Lexus Enform® with a Pandora® playlist that includes all Santa’s favorite tunes from “Grinch Live from Whoville,” “Frosty and the Snowmen” and the ever-popular band “Ebenezer and the Scrooges.”

  • A large, red LED and infrared light with stereo cameras for the front of his sleigh so he can see on a foggy night without Rudolph.

Dodge Redeye Express
Based on the Dodge Challenger Hellcat, it’s highly unlikely that Santa would be sneaking around the neighbourhood in this beast, however he might make his deliveries of presents a whole lot quicker. With a 786bhp supercharged V8 engine it is certainly to add a little fun to Christmas Eve.

Ford Evos Sleigh Concept
With a 1.0 litre Ecoboost cylinder and an 125 HP engine, this Ford delivers more power, but at greater economy than the reindeer it replaces. Santa is rumoured to spend £122 million on carrots to fuel his reindeer each year, but this Evos will reduce that cost to just £12 million.

Vauxhall slEigh-REV
Santa said: “I’m as pleased as punch with my new slEigh-REV supplied to me by those kind people in Luton. They tell me it uses specially adapted E-REV technology, which means I won’t have to worry about re-charging as I do my chimney drops around the world on Christmas Eve.”