Say Hello To A U-Shaped Steering Wheel

Wed 3rd Feb 2021

Ever ahead of the curve, Tesla have revealed images of their new Model S saloon and have surprised many by incorporating a space-aged u-style steering wheel. But will Elon Musk’s company have to do a u-turn if it’s not legal in Britain?

Well according to an article on, there will be no u-turn for the steering wheel as it is already confirmed as legal in the UK, even if the US authorities are still scratching their heads.

In what seems like a new era of being the first to say yes first to everything for Brexit Britain, the Department for Transport has given the thumbs-up for the futuristic steering wheel, explaining that it does not break any current rules.

“The regulations relating to steering equipment (UN-ECE Regulation 79) does not stipulate any shape or size of the steering wheel,” the DfT statement said, in a rather ambiguous line which could lead to all manner of weird and wacky steering wheels.

In a typically punchy statement on Twitter, Elon Musk boasted that the new Model S and Model X will also feature a built-in games console, which according to the Tesla owner will be capable of playing the latest video games, even the much maligned Cyberpunk.

Again, the DfT were quick off the mark, but a little more cautious about the prospect of video gaming taking place in a Tesla, explaining: “By law, drivers can only use screens when viewing driving information related to the state of the vehicle or its equipment, when navigation is displayed, or when assisting in viewing the road around the vehicle,” a spokesperson said.

“Under the Road Vehicles (Constriction and Use) regulations, screens used for anything else should not be visible to the driver while the vehicle is being driven.”

 Of course, Tesla’s u-shaped steering wheel could be defunct within two years if the company live up to their promise of building a car that requires neither steering wheels or pedals. We look forward to a DfT statement on that one!