Say Hello To The Queen’s £10m Runaround

Thu 29th Oct 2020

The Queen of England has topped a motoring list after her £10m Bentley State Limousine revealed her as being out of touch with her subjects.

Compared to the average price of the UK’s best selling car, the Ford Fiesta, the Queen’s state vehicle is 610 times more expensive than the most popular car for her citizens. That compares to Kim Jong-un, who with a Mercedes-Maybach S 600 Pullman Guard owns a car that is 300 times more expensive than the Gaz-24 Volga, priced at £4,000 is the most popular car in North Korea.

The list of world leader’s cars produced by Motoreasy is a revealing insight into how much value the big decision makers in the world place upon their transport, and maybe how down to earth they are. For example, the President of Uruguay, Jose Mujica, drives a second-hand Volkswagen Beetle, which is four times less expensive than the Suzuki Celerio, the best selling model in the South American country. Across the Pacific in New Zealand and Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has won many plaudits for her policies and political acumen and she drives a Hyundai Ioniq, a vehicle which is very much on a level with the Ford Ranger, the country’s most popular vehicles.

The souped-up vehicles delivering the great statespeople of the world very often come with some unique design points, Donald Trump’s ‘Beast’ even has a supply of the President’s blood type. But what justifies the £10m value of the Queen’s drive?

“Starting at £4,000 and rising all the way to £10 million, even we underestimated the numbers involved. Sitting in top spot is Queen Elizabeth II and her eight-figure Bentley State Limousine. If she was to sell it, she’d have enough cash to buy 610 Ford Fiestas and have change. Oh, and she has two,” said the Motoreasy website.

“The Queen’s Bentley limos aren’t just worth a fortune because they’re the only two in existence, they’re also loaded with baffling defences. 

“The cabin is protected against gas attacks and explosives, and it runs on tyres that can carry the car to safety when deflated – paling in comparison with the 16-inch rims of the UK’s bestselling Fiesta.”