Say Hello To The UK’s Fastest EV Charger

Thu 23rd May 2019

A new ultra-rapid charging station has been installed in Maidstone, Kent, which will charge compatible vehicles in just 20 minutes.

Installed by Ionity, a joint-venture between Daimler, Ford BMW and the Volkswagen Group, it is hoped that the new 350kW charger is a major step towards breaking down the barriers of EV adoption.

Though there are currently no cars on the market that can accept the maximum 350kW charge, the Porsche Taycan will be launched later this year and will be able to take full advantage.

Meanwhile car with a lower charge rate can still use the ultra-rapid charger, with the Audi E-tron capable of charging at its maximum 150kWh rate - making it the fastest charging car currently on the UK road network.

Ionity are planning to build more than 40 of their ultra-rapid chargers across the UK, with Milton Keynes and Gretna Green the next locations to see installation.

Michael Hajesch, CEO of IONITY said: “We are delighted to be launching our network in the UK with our first station in Maidstone.

“As car manufacturers continue to launch electric vehicles with bigger batteries to provide a longer range, high-power charging is an essential part of the e-mobility transition process, thus making the e-journey a smooth and seamless experience.”

A recent survey underlined a shortage of suitable charging stations as one of the top reasons for drivers not considering an EV purchase over the next five years.