Scalextric Roads Could Charge EVs

Mon 21st Dec 2020

Electric cars of the future could be charged by the very roads they are driven on if a new trial gets the go-ahead around the country.

Coventry City Council have invested almost half a million pounds in a project which would see roads lined with electric coils, to ensure a constant power supply to vehicles while they are in motion.

Nicknamed ‘DynaCov’, the project has the backing of big names such as Western Power Distributor, Toyota and National Express and could be of benefit to many HGV companies.

Ricky Duke, WPD innovation & low carbon network engineer, said they were thrilled to be launching the “pioneering project”.

“The ability to charge your vehicle while on the move would be a massive game changer for the nation and the launch of our study marks an important milestone in our journey towards identifying new and exciting ways to support the mass adoption of EVs across the country.

“As we look to the New Year and start to think about a post-COVID-19 world, it will be ground-breaking tech and innovation such as this that paves the way to the UK’s green recovery and helps us achieve the government’s net zero target by 2050.”

The innovative technology could help save the UK millions as they race to build the infrastructure which will be ready for when combustion engine vehicles are banned in 2030 as the government aims to reduce carbon emissions. Whilst many more EVs have been sold in 2020 than any other year, so-called ‘range anxiety’ remains one of the biggest barriers to purchasing an electric car, with consumers worried they will run out of power miles from the nearest charge point.