See-Through Sun Visor Unveiled At CES

Sun 5th Jan 2020

It may sound as useful as a chocolate tea-pot, but an innovative new in-car invention could make major improvements to visibility in sunny weather.

The boffins at Bosch have developed a transparent LCD sun visor that can shade your eyes from the sun and bright lights, but does not block your field of vision.

The new technology is one of a range of inventions being trialled at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week, with the aim of improving the in-car experience and safety of drivers.

The so-called ‘Virtual Visor’ uses a camera to track the motorist’s vision and then monitor what is happening on the road ahead. Dependent on where the driver’s eyes are looking a portion of the ‘Virtual Visor’ panel is then blocked out, but the rest of the visor remains transparent aiding visibility.

Bosch say that the technology will reduce glare from specific light sources and reduce driver discomfort and chances of having an accident. According to studies, the chances of having a crash are 16 per cent higher during bright sunlight.

Dr Steffen Berns, president of Bosch Car Multimedia, said: “For most drivers around the world, the visor component as we know it is not enough to avoid hazardous sun glare – especially at dawn and dusk when the sun can greatly decrease drivers’ vision.

“Some of the simplest innovations make the greatest impact, and Virtual Visor changes the way drivers see the road.”

Jason Zink, technical expert for Bosch, said: “We discovered early in the development that users adjust their traditional sun visors to always cast a shadow on their own eyes.

“This realisation was profound in helping simplify the product concept and fuel the design of the technology.”