Seven Out Of Ten Drivers Considering EV Switch

Thu 15th Apr 2021

One of Europe’s biggest manufacturers of electric vehicles, Nissan, believes that the industry may be at a tipping point in terms of public opinion to electric vehicles.

The Japanese company, which produces the Nissan LEAF, which has sold more than half a million units surveyed 7,000 respondents across the UK, France, Germany, Netherlands Spain, Italy and Scandinavia. It is believed to be one of the biggest surveys of its kind in recent months, and has found that 70 per cent of European drivers would consider an electric vehicle as their next purchase.

The survey found that environmental benefits were the biggest driver of change for the public, with 49 per cent of ICE drivers saying that going green was the biggest reason for making the switch. Being eco-friendly was also one of the key reasons those who have already bought an EV did so, with 40 per cent saying that was what made them move away from the combustion engine.

“With this new research, we’re seeing first-hand that European drivers are embracing electrification. Just as they are continuing to explore what electric vehicles have to offer, we are committed to showing them the vast benefits of electric mobility and how easy actually it is to make the switch,” said Arnaud Charpentier, Region Vice President, Product Strategy and Pricing, Nissan AMIEO.

“From low running costs to surprising performance, electric cars like the Nissan LEAF have transformed the everyday driving experience for the better.”

The survey also sought the opinions of those who had bought EVs, with 97 per cent expressing that the switch was as expected or easier than they thought prior to buying electric.