Shocking Figures Reveal Car Theft Profits

Tue 17th Dec 2019

Car crime is on the rise once again, with the latest published figures revealing that thefts have doubled over the last five years and now a vehicle protection provider has revealed the paltry sums some of the UK’s best cars are being sold for.

A study by AX, who specialise in vehicle protection technology, have revealed that cars with a market value of up to £100k are being stolen and then sold on the black market for just £3,000.

It’s no surprise that the big brands such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes and Land Rover are targeted by car thieves, but with the aim of moving the stolen goods on quickly the thieves are ready to accept shockingly low profits. And while the luxury cars are top of the shopping list for thieves, even some of the more popular reasonably priced vehicles such as a Ford Fiesta are stolen to order and then sold on for ridiculous fees as low as £200.

The figures are surprisingly low, but also reveal the relative ease that they can be stolen and moved on according to AX director of investigative services, Neil Thomas.

“We know how the criminals operate but, with the UK theft figures in mind, it's a sharp reminder of the problem car owners and the industry faces,” Thomas said.

“Rather than the cars that are stolen most in the UK, this list represents the criminals' wish list of preferred targets.

“A typical, current Ford Fiesta, for example, would change hands for little more than £200.

“Business and private owners alike are affected by the increase in thefts, so it's paramount to take precautions to avoid being targeted, or ensure vehicles have robust covert technology so that they can be recovered. 

“Most tracking devices are simply removed after being stolen.”