Shocking Study Reveals Europe’s Safest Drivers

Mon 6th May 2019

Data collected from more than two thousand drivers across Europe has revealed which nation has the safest drivers, and the results may surprise you.

Vodafone’s V-Auto app tracks driver behaviour, analysing speed, acceleration, braking and steering before giving a score based on how safe the driver is behind the wheel.

The test was famously undertaken by Hollywood stunt driver Ben Collins in 2017, the man behind the helmet of Top Gear’s Stig undertook the test before comparing his result with his 79-year-old mother, who actually was ranked as a safer driver.

Vodafone’s results from a more recent study looked at the results from motorists in the UK, Germany, Italy and Spain, with Germans assessed as the safest drivers when travelling on different types of roads. Italians were ranked as the least likely to speed, whilst British drivers are best at using their brakes and accelerator effectively.

David Copeland, senior product manager of Consumer IoT at Vodafone, said:"Each of our V-Auto customers has the ability to use the Driver Safety Score feature on the device, which awards them points based on how well they have performed behind the wheel.

"The idea is that by obtaining scores, they can challenge themselves to drive more safely and achieve higher points in the future – which in turn could benefit their insurance policies as well as improve safety on the roads.

"Germany won because their drivers are more consistently safe across a variety of road types."