Should SUV Adverts Be Banned?

Mon 3rd Aug 2020

Large SUVs have been compared to cigarettes by a think tank which is suggesting that car adverts for the UK’s most popular style of car should be banned.

The New Weather Institute has partnered with climate change charity Possible to make the claims that SUVs are hindering the government’s goals of reaching net zero by 2050. The think tank wants a complete ban on advertising for cars with an average carbon dioxide emission of 160g/km or more, or any car that is over 4.8 metres in length.

Andrew Simms, co-director of the New Weather Institute, said: “We ended tobacco advertising when we understood the threat from smoking to public health.

“Now that we know the human health and climate damage done by car pollution, it’s time to stop adverts making the problem worse. In a pandemic-prone world, people need clean air and more space on town and city streets.”

In the UK SUVs make up more than 40 per cent of the market, while there were more than 150,000 cars more than 4.8 metres long sold last year. Mike Hawes, Chief Executive of the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders has pointed out that more and more of the electric vehicles on the market are SUVs, saying: “To single out a particular body type is to ignore the huge advances in emissions and powertrain technology made with every new model. Ongoing investment means today’s vehicles of all types are the cleanest in history, with average CO2 emissions from dual purpose cars more than 43% lower than 20 years ago. Their body type is also well suited for alternative fuel usage, making up more than a quarter of the 80 different zero emission-capable models available to UK buyers.”