Six Tips To Lower Your Car Insurance

Tue 6th Oct 2020

Car insurance firms are under attack, with the Financial Conduct Authority aiming to crack down on those insurers who unfairly penalise loyal customers.

While that may be great news for many long term customers, it may mean that costs get passed on to customers elsewhere. With that in mind price comparison website Uswitch has come up with some unexpected ways to lower your car insurance quote.

Uswitch car insurance expert, Florence Codjoe, said: “Whilst the new proposal is great news for loyal car insurance customers, those in search of a one year policy need to take extra care, as the ban on special deals for new customers could lead to an overall price increase.


“Young drivers find it especially hard to secure low cost car insurance, along with those who’ve recently made a claim, have a low credit score, or have been made unemployed. Thankfully, however, there are some surprisingly easy ways to reduce the cost of your car insurance if your premiums are higher than expected.”


The Joy Of Six - How To Keep Your Premium Low


  1. Change Your Job Title

It might sound obvious but there are some jobs which naturally come with higher premiums. However, being a bit economical with the truth can save you a fortune. For example putting ‘cook’ rather than ‘chef’ could save you £120.


  1. Get Married

Single drivers are twice as likely to have an accident, so it is a no-brainer to get hitched. Some couples in their thirties can save up to £200 on their premium.


  1. Register To Vote

Your credit score plays an important part in your premium as those with a low rating are statistically more likely to make an insurance claim. There are a number of ways to raise your credit rating, but registering to vote is the cheapest and easiest.


  1. Add Your Parents

Whilst there may be a risk of ‘fronting’, or being dishonest about who is the main driver of the car, there can be savings made if you add parents to your policy as an occaisional driver.


  1. Check Your Mileage

Car insurance companies have been laughing all the way to the bank during 2020. With COVID cutting car journeys across the nation there have been fewer accidents. If you are working from home more often you need to let your insurer know to reap the rewards.


  1. Buy A Newer Model

Car technology can make a car safer to drive and more difficult to steal. Immobilisers have been law in new cars since 1998, but there are anti-theft devices, GPS trackers and more to keep your car on your drive.