Skoda Saves Cyclists From ‘Dooring’

Thu 18th Jun 2020


The all new Octavia from Czech car manufacturer Skoda is coming with innovative technology which will save cyclists from a fate known as ‘dooring’.

The system, which has been named ‘Exit Warning’, has been designed to avoid those horrific collisions which happen when a passenger in a car opens their car door into the path of cyclists.

Exit Warning will come as part of the blind-spot detection system on new First Edition Octavias. The tech can spot hazards from up to 35 metres away and at angles of 120 degrees, areas which can often fall into blind spots for car passengers. Those about to open a door if a cyclist is approaching will be warned via visual and sound alerts. Skoda’s technology will also look out for cyclists in front the vehicle, and automatically applies brake pressure if it suspects a collision is imminent.

A spokesperson at Skoda UK said: “The all-new fourth-generation Octavia is the most technologically advanced Skoda yet and one of the most cycle-friendly cars on the market.

“Naturally cyclists face daily challenges associated with cycling on busy roads, including avoiding car doors as they open. The technology introduced in the new Octavia, particularly Exit Warning, is there to assist drivers in helping to mitigate and reduce potential accidents.”