Skoda’s Sportscar Future Unveiled

Tue 20th Sep 2022

Once regarded as the laughing stock of the European automotive industry, Skoda have unveiled a futuristic concept that wouldn’t look out of place on the design bench at some of the Italian supercar brands.

A computer-animated design model of the all-electric racing car  has been inspired by the ŠKODA 1100 OHC from 1957. The jaw-dropping design is on display in the ‘Design and Transformation’ exhibition. It is currently being shown alongside its ancestor at the Design Museum in Brussels as part of the Czech Republic's EU Presidency supporting programme.

Brussels’s ‘Design and Transformation’ exhibition features the computer-generated ŠKODA VISION GT design. To celebrate the Czech Republic’s presidency of the EU, several Czech companies are showcasing products and designs from 1990 to 2020 at this event. 

With the concept Skoda wants to send a clear signal for sustainable sportiness and emotion. The ‘Icons Get a Makeover’ series includes the 130 RS, the FELICIA, and the RAPID MONTE CARLO, all of which are iconic examples from the company's history.

The VISION GT is a red, open-top racing car just like the 1100 OHC. Unlike other vehicles of this category, the VISION GT is a single-seater with the driver sitting in the centre. A futuristic carbon steering wheel, which is flattened on the top and bottom, has an on-screen display that acts as a windshield. Information is projected directly onto the driver's helmet visor, just like a head-up display, in a dynamic cockpit with a flexibly suspended seat that optimally compensates for g-forces.

The design of the exterior of the VISION GT is defined by sharp lines and clean edges. The Formula E racing cars currently on the track are echoed by the VISION GT's spectacular two-piece rear wing. The ŠKODA name appears in bright red between the two upper wing sections, in the form of a hologram. It also appears on the VISION GT's very flat front and references the ŠKODA line's curved design.

Despite Skoda being the butt of all car related jokes in the 1980s, the 1100 OHC from the 1950s actually points to a sportier legacy, with the 2-door roadster one of the more iconic sports cars of the time.