Smart Goes Large With New SUV

Thu 20th May 2021

Once famed for producing some of the smallest road cars on the market, Smart have announced an all-electric compact SUV which will be available in the UK within two years.

The offering has been unveiled as one of the first projects from Daimler’s partnership with Chinese automotive giant Geely, although all of the design credit is likely to go to Smart’s in-house design team, led by Mercedes’ Gordon Wagener.

While Smart may always be known for disrupting the car world by producing tiny, two-seater, city cars, the new direction for the company sees them putting together what looks like a cross between a supermini and a family hatchback.

The SUV, which is yet to be given a name, is likely to be showcased at this year’s Munich Motor Show and is slated for launch in 2023.

“We have taken the opportunity to reinvent the brand,” Wagener told AutoExpress this week. Taking the opportunity to describe the new-look as ‘cool, sexy and grown-up instead of cute and playful.”

Smart are expected to utilise Geely’s Sustainable Experience Architecture, which is providing the drive-power for a range of Chinese vehicles and brands and will also be found in a mini-electric SUV on the Volvo roster.

And if you’ve always liked the idea of a Smart car, but were a little too leggy to risk climbing into one, Wagener believes that the all new model will suit those who require a bit more space, with some describing it as similar to the Mini Countryman in style.

 “Just like the current Smart models, the first car of the new era will also offer a better ratio of length to interior space than conventional vehicles,” Wagener told Auto Express.