Snow Joke: Drivers List Top 50 Stresses

Wed 7th Oct 2020

A new study of 2,000 motorists has found the major stresses which affect our everyday driving.

The research by Rescue Remedy found that almost of those surveyed were more stressed out by other drivers, and a third reveal that driving is the most stressful time of the day, while 42 per cent of drivers feel more worried when they have passengers in the car compared to driving alone.

In a list of the top 50 most stressful things about driving, the number one source of worry was driving in the snow, closely followed by driving in an unknown area. Driving in the rain, tailgaters and hitting a pothole made up the top five.

It’s not all stress in a car though, 46 per cent admit to making a lot of decisions in a car as it gives them more time to think and another 59 per cent believe the car is a good place to have discussions with others.

A spokesman for Rescue Remedy said: “The research shows how many elements there are to being in a car which can make it stress-inducing.

“It’s often hard to find balance and patience when there are a lot of external factors at play, and car journeys can often perpetuate worries about other life pressures.

“For many, this is what can make driving even more stressful, especially during a commute marred with delays, diversions and noise.”



  1. Driving in the snow

  2. Driving in an unknown area

  3. Driving in the rain

  4. Tailgaters

  5. Hitting a pothole

  6. Driving in the fog

  7. Driving in the dark

  8. Feeling like a large vehicle e.g. lorry/bus is too close to your car

  9. Getting a warning light

  10. Finding a parking space

  11. Driving down narrow country lanes

  12. Driving with the fuel light on

  13. Having to reverse in a narrow road with cars either side

  14. Parallel parking

  15. Merging onto a motorway

  16. Hesitating about taking over a cyclist

  17. Blind corners

  18. Being watched by other people when trying to park

  19. Sitting in traffic

  20. Missing a motorway exit and having to drive all the way back around

  21. Having to change lanes in peak time

  22. Fear of people going into the back of you

  23. Mastering a three lane roundabout

  24. Leaving the motorway at the wrong junction

  25. Being the driver for passengers you’re not very familiar with e.g. colleagues

  26. Sunday drivers

  27. Back seat drivers

  28. Doing a hill start

  29. Driving while your passengers are being loud

  30. Reversing out of a parking space

  31. Worrying about getting a flat tyre

  32. Hitting a car when parking

  33. Navigating a double roundabout

  34. Defrosting the car

  35. Pulling out around a bus at a bus stop

  36. Driving with a child in the car

  37. Taking over another vehicle on a motorway

  38. Rubber necking

  39. Being in a car with your partner

  40. Pulling out to join a roundabout

  41. Box junctions

  42. Driving somewhere with no signal

  43. Hitting a parked car when driving past it

  44. Remembering which side of the car the petrol cap is on

  45. Changing gear while driving up a hill

  46. Being in the wrong gear

  47. Driving with a pet in the car

  48. Not knowing how to fully work the lights

  49. Mini roundabouts

  50. Not knowing how to fully turn on the wipers