Solar Power Coming To Cars For 2019

Wed 31st Oct 2018

Hyundai Motor Group has announced that it will be fitting solar roof systems to cars from 2019.

The Korean car manufacturer, which produces Kia’s as well as Hyundai’s will introduce the technology to support internal combustion, hybrid and battery electric vehicles, with the panels being fitted into the roof and bonnet of vehicles.

While the first generation of vehicles won’t be the sole power source, the additional energy will help improve fuel economy and and reduce CO2 emissions.

Hyundai are producing three different generations of the solar technology. The first generation will be created for hybrid vehicles, the second generation will feature on ICE vehicles, with the third generation seeing a lightweight solar panel roof forming part of purely electric vehicles.

The company are boldly predicting that the sunlight will be capable of providing between 30- and 60 per cent of the car’s battery over the course of a normal day.

The combination of solar power supporting combustion engines is a world first for Hyundai, featuring semi-transparent panels which will make for a panoramic room.

“In the future, various types of electricity generating technologies, including the solar charging system, will be connected to vehicles,” said Jeong-Gil Park, Vice President of Engineering at Hyundai Motor Group. “This will enable them to develop from a passive device that consumes energy to a solution that actively generates energy. The paradigm of the vehicle owner will shift from that of a consumer to an energy prosumer.”