Solar Powered Car Parks To Assist EV Network

Wed 27th Mar 2019

The UK’s electric vehicle charging network will receive a boost if a new trial of solar powered car parks is a success.

A consortium of EV network companies has combined to participate in the trial, which as well as provided a green solution to charging electric cars, will also allow the so called ‘Smart Hubs’ will use vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology which will allow cars to deliver electricity back to the national grid.

A number of sites are under consideration for the trial, but the project is keen to show that large car parks at airports, train operators and retail centres can benefit from solar providing ‘sustainable revenue streams.

Edinburgh based Flextricity is one of the companies working in the consortium and Chief Strategy Officer, Alastair Martin said: "Having the ability to recharge in a short time using a grid-friendly infrastructure will have a huge impact on the electric vehicles market - it really is a question about how quickly we can deliver this capability.

"We are now looking forward to identifying partner sites and embarking on the trials later this year, as we strive to deliver a solution that will drive the growth of the electric vehicle market and bring transformational benefits to motorists, car park operators and energy re-sellers."