Soon ULEZ Will Cover All Of Greater London

Thu 10th Mar 2022

Motorists in the UK’s capital city will soon face further financial hardship after the London mayor announced that the ultra-low emission zone will be extended to all of Greater London by the end of 2023.

The ULEZ currently covers the inner-boroughs of London, but with local politicians keen to reduce emissions and tackle congestion, as well as encouraging public transport use, the entirety of the capital’s road network will now be targeted by Sadiq Khan. The move is likely to cut the number of polluting cars by 20-40,000 daily, with the mayor pledging scrappage schemes to help charities and small businesses.

“The triple challenges of tackling toxic air pollution, the climate emergency and congestion mean we need to further reduce emissions from vehicles in London. We simply don’t have time to waste,” Khan said.

“This is also a matter of social justice – with air pollution hitting the poorest communities the hardest. Nearly half of Londoners don’t own a car but they are disproportionally feeling the damaging consequences polluting vehicles are causing.

“We have too often seen measures delayed around the world because it’s viewed as being too hard or politically inconvenient but I’m not willing to put off action we have the ability to implement here in London.”

Emission zones are becoming more common in British cities, and though they divide opinion they are likely to be around for some time, until such a time as a smart-road changing scheme can be introduced.