Speed Awareness Courses Are Effective Says Government Study

Wed 16th May 2018

The much-maligned speed-awareness courses, which are offered as punishment, as a replacement for penalty points, are working well according to official figures.

Whilst critics have labelled the controversial courses a cash-cow, a study has revealed that those who attend are 23% less likely to speed in the six months after the first offence.

The courses, which are offered to motorists for a fee of £100, are an alternative to a much larger fine and three points on the licence and a major study of 2.2 million UK drivers has revealed that they are having a positive impact.

Last year saw 1.4 million offenders attend the courses, a record, and research figures show those that the reoffending rate is 13% lower than those drivers who choose not to attend.

The courses have raised an estimated £54 million for the UK’s police forces, they receive £45 for each candidate who attends, with costs to attend varying from £75 to £99.

As well as being labelled a cash cow, some in the police force have even suggested that the courses are overused and too soft on motorists.

David Davies, executive director of the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Road Safety, said: “These findings are a win-win for motorists and for road safety. We knew that drivers who attended speed awareness courses found them useful and preferred them to penalty points which have no educational value.

“Now we know that speed awareness courses also have bigger safety benefits.”