Speeding Less Acceptable Say Drivers

Wed 23rd Feb 2022

Motorists are saying no to speeding according to an annual report which has recorded positive figures for the sixth year in succession. 

The IAM RoadSmart Safety Culture report tracks drivers attitudes to key road safety issues with some revealing insights. The big headline from this year’s survey of 2,000 drivers was that most motorists believe travelling at high speeds is no longer acceptable. The report revealed that 42 per cent of those surveyed believed that it was acceptable to drive at 80mph on the motorway, and though that percentage may seem high, it is down from 56 per cent five years ago. There’s a similar decline in the percentage of drivers who believe it is okay to drive faster than 80mph, with 21 per cent in 2021, compared to 28 per cent in 2016.

There is also a sharp fall in the number of drivers believing that it is okay to speed five miles over the limit in towns and cities, with 10 per cent saying it is okay to speed on residential streets, compared to 17 per cent in 2016.

“Acceptability of speeding on motorways is still far too high but the downward trends of drivers’ opinions are a positive sign. Actual speeding behaviour in towns and cities has also improved as more and more drivers appear to understand the link between speed and serious injury,” said Neil Greig, Director of Policy and Research at IAM RoadSmart.

“Those who believe it is acceptable to drive at speeds greater than the limit are simply not listening to the warnings or taking notice of the frequent police messaging. Speeding is responsible for around 12 people being killed or injured each day on UK roads, we clearly need to do more to educate drivers on the fatal consequences of speeding.”