Stick To Speed Limit To Cut Your Fuel Bill

Wed 11th Aug 2021

With petrol prices at an eight-year high, motorists are feeling the pain in their wallet if they want to use their car this summer, so it is probably a good time to remember some of the cost-cutting tricks to reduce your fuel consumption.

The cost of a litre of unleaded rose by 3p last month, putting the average price at an eye-watering £1.35 a litre, and with diesel prices rising by a similar amount, it might be time to think sensible and think eco when we are driving.

The most obvious option when wanting to save fuel costs is to consider where is the best place to fill up your vehicle, with motorway services an obvious place to avoid, while supermarket forecourts are on average 3p cheaper than the national average. But if you are not sure where the most affordable petrol prices are, you might find yourself driving around that is counter-productive, so many use apps like Google Maps and PetrolPrices to find the nearest, and cheapest prices.

“The price of petrol on the forecourt continues to rise as more motorists get back on the road as we come out of lockdown,” said the RAC’s Rod Dennis.
“With the supply of oil still limited, extra demand is pushing up prices. But by being canny, motorists might be able to soften the pain by shopping around.”

One of the best ways of saving fuel once we have filled up is to drive more smoothly, keeping your foot off the accelerator can in some instances reduce your consumption by a quarter.

“Driving smoothly has a huge impact on fuel consumption,” said Neil Greig from IAM RoadSmart. “Motorists should try to give extra space to vehicles in front and anticipate traffic so they do not waste fuel in braking and accelerating up to other cars, junctions and traffic lights.

“This will instantly cut fuel consumption.”