Study Reveals Real Reason Over-55s Are Snubbing Electric Vehicles

Fri 15th Nov 2019

A major new survey has found that 75 per cent of over-55s still have so-called ‘range anxiety’ when it comes to considering an electric vehicle purchase.

KPMG have surveyed more than 2,000 motorists and found that the age of 55 tends to be the cut-off point where drivers are less likely to consider owning a battery-powered vehicle. With the older generation worried that the car will come to a halt because it has run out of battery, Justin Benson, head of automotive at KPMG UK said with new EV technology those fears are somewhat unfounded.

“I don't think there will be range anxiety in the future, especially given that 85 per cent of all journeys made in Britain are less than 15 miles,” Benson said.

“Millennials and Generation Z are moving towards electric vehicles and the over-55s appear to be reluctant to do the same quite so quickly.

“Young people are typically more open to trying new things and there's an element of expecting to have almost anything within a very short time span, if not instantly at the touch of a button. 

“This explains why those aged 18 to 34 were more concerned with the time it takes to charge, than how far one charge would take them.”

The revolution of electric vehicles has made the nation as a whole more considerate of environmental concerns, and the same KPMG survey found that Londoners were more conscious of issues relating to emissions with 72% of those surveyed aware of their carbon footprint. Those in the East of England are less concerned with just 50 per cent caring about their carbon footprint.