Supercars Spark Parking Fine Spike

Mon 28th Feb 2022

The London borough of Westminster is home to the highest concentration of wealth in the UK, and the supercars of the rich, famous and wealthy are proving to be a nice little earner for the local council.

A Freedom of Information request has revealed that Westminster Council has handed out 1.4 million parking tickets in the five year spell between 2016 and 2021, and that a large share of the fines are being slapped on inconsiderate parking from supercar owners.

Analysis of the data in the FOI discovered that Westminster is collecting some serious parking revenues from too-rich-to-care drivers, with the borough collecting 81 per cent of the UK’s fines handed out to Bugattis. Rolls-Royce (71%), Lamborghini (64%), Bentley (46%) and Aston Martin  (36%) are some of the biggest drivers of parking fine revenue for Westminster Council, and while it is extremely inconsiderate, it is probably a drop in the ocean for the mega-rich owners, who possibly see too many benefits to being able to park wherever they like.

“Westminster is home to a large number of supercars,” a Westminster Council spokesman said in response to the findings.

“And owning a luxury or high-performance vehicle does not offer an exemption from our parking rules.

“The council has acted following complaints from residents and business owners about these vehicles parking illegally and in an inconsiderate manner.”

Such is the extent of the problem in the London borough that it makes up seven per cent of all fines across 141 councils in the UK, and has 88 per cent more charges than other councils. 

The revenues allow Westminster Council to have the biggest parking service in Europe, despite only covering an area of 21km square. It is thought that Westminster Council makes a £140 a minute in parking fines.