Superchargers Can Now Charge At 1,000 Miles Per Hour

Fri 20th Dec 2019

Tesla boss Elon Musk may have made some bold statements in 2019, but one of his biggest innovations is now a reality in the UK, V3 Superchargers.

The pioneering electric vehicle company is introducing a batch of eight V3 points to its Park Royal charging station in London, capable of recharging vehicles at up to 250kW, which is the equivalent of 75 miles of range for every five minutes charging.

In a range of new features, the V3s will now be exclusive for one car, rather than splitting the power supply between the vehicles. New software in the Tesla will also pre-warm the batteries on route to the Superchargers to ensure that charge times are reduced by 25%.

The new technology is expected to allow twice the number of customers to be charged in each hour due to the faster recharging times, the average charge time is now expected to be around 15 minutes.

Announcing the milestone, Tesla said: “When we opened the first European station in Norway in 2013, driving across multiple countries in a fully electric car was inconceivable and seen as a unique accomplishment. With the Supercharger network, long distance EV travel has become the new normal. Every day, thousands of Tesla owners undertake a road trip through Europe and stop at Supercharger stations.

“In just six years, we have increased the average size of our Supercharger stations to reflect the growing size of our customer base. This included expanding and opening large stations, like Eidsvoll Verk, Nebbenes in Norway, which is the biggest European station with 44 stalls.”

It added: “We are excited to continue to build the most extensive and advanced network in Europe while keeping the charging experience as affordable and convenient as possible for all our customers.”