Supermarkets Gearing Up To Charge Your EV

Mon 28th Oct 2019

Two of the UK’s biggest supermarket brands have revealed plans to increase their network of rapid chargers in the hope that they can attract more customers.

Lidl and Morrisons will install 400 rapid chargers between them, with 100 of those likely to be available by the end of the year at Morrisons.

The remaining 300 will be plugged in at Lidl stores and are expected to be available by the end of 2022. Lidl is investing £25million in the project, with their Pod Point amongst the fastest, and also said to be the cheapest at just 23p per kilowatt hour.

“Not only will our customers be able to charge their electric cars in 50 mins – less time than it takes to do a big shop – they will be able to do it for the best price on the market,” said Ingo Fischer, chief development officer for Lidl.

“It is our hope that, through this significant investment, we will enable easier access to charging points, ultimately helping more households switch to electric vehicles.”

Some rapid chargers already in situ at Lidl are free of chage according to Pod Point’s website.

Morrisons already has 50 GeniePoint rapid chargers at its stores and will increase that to 50 by the beginning of 2020. Supermarket bosses are hoping to drive the revolution towards electric motoring.

Andrew Ball, fuel and services manager of Morrisons, said: “Customers are beginning to take part in the biggest revolution in car design since the internal combustion engine was first developed. 

“We need to follow them and give them the opportunity to charge while they shop.”