SuperVan Promises Faster Delivery

Sat 2nd Jul 2022

One of the highlights of the Goodwood Festival of Speed last week was Ford’s latest iteration of the Supervan, a project which has supercharged the brand’s famous Transit.

Inspired by the new E-Transit Custom, the first fully electric version of Europe’s best-selling van, the Ford Pro Electric SuperVan comes with the highest performance of any Ford van ever. Fitted with four electric motors, the SuperVan can jump from 0-60 in less than two seconds and was developed in secret in Austria by the Ford Performance and electrified rally and racing specialists STARD.

Speaking about the project, Mark Rushbrook, global director, Ford Performance Motorsports said: “We’re bringing SuperVan into the 21st century with 2,000 PS of all-electric power for unmatched excitement and unmistakeable styling inspired by the new E-Transit Custom. But performance isn’t all about horsepower – the Electric SuperVan’s processing power means engineers can use real-time vehicle data to optimise its performance, just like on a top-level racing car.”

The SuperVan concept was born in 1971 when the company adapted an engine from a Le-Mans winning Ford FT 40 to fit into a Transit Mk1. The second version took the engine from the C100 racing car, while SuperVan 3 was fitted with the same Cosworth engine used by F1 cars of the era.

“Ford Pro is all about accelerating productivity for our customers – so why not create a new Electric SuperVan that proves the power of electrification and connectivity,” said Hans Schep, general manager, Ford Pro, Europe. “This incredible demonstrator vehicle takes E-Transit Custom’s advanced engineering and distinctive look to a whole new level, and is high-speed proof of the power of Ford Pro’s connected services ecosystem.”