Ten Million Motorists Seeking Autumn MOT

Wed 14th Sep 2022

Car owners who are due to take their car for an MOT in the next few months are being advised to book their test early as a huge 10m backlog of vehicles will be doing the same in what has been labelled ‘Frantic Fall’.

Analysis from the AA suggests that there could be many motorists missing their test dates with so many to squeeze in due to a combination of factors caused by previous years lockdowns. And the data from the company’s network of garages also suggest that many motorists will have put off essential repairs on their cars due to cost of living issues, which could mean more failures this winter.

Statistics from the AA’s garages show that lamps, reflectors and electrical equipment are the main reason most cars fail an MOT, contrary to the belief of the drivers, who in a poll of more than 13,000 almost half believed that tyre damage would be the main defect.

“With more than 10 million MOT tests due to take place across ‘Frantic Fall’, the scramble for slots could be chaotic. Drivers who have an MOT due should book early to avoid stress,” said Penny Stoolman from the AA.

“With household budgets stretched, drivers may be tempted to leave repairs on their car until the last possible moment or wait for the MOT to spot faults. But with colder, wetter weather due in the coming months leaving blown bulbs, torn tyres and cracked windscreens unrepaired could cause more damage to both the car and the wallet.

“Interestingly, drivers think more vehicles initially fail the MOT than reality.”

The AA data shows that 29 per cent of cars, vans and minibuses fail an MOT, but motorists polled think the figure is higher at 39 per cent.