Tesco Best For Electric Charging

Wed 6th Oct 2021

Those who drive electric vehicles will know that ‘every little helps’ when it comes to finding a spot to charge your car when shopping, as Tesco is the number one supermarket for providing EV charging facilities.

Research from Electrifying has found that Tesco comes out top ranking when it comes to providing EV services to their shoppers. Tesco have 45 per cent of their stores now offering charging facilities, compared to Morrisons (40 per cent), while the remainder of the pack are trailing in the top two’s wake when it comes to being EV friendly.

Sainsbury’s is possibly the worst offender, with only seven per cent of its stores offering some form of EV charging, the revelation comes in week when motorists have already promised to swerve Sainsbury’s due to them stopping their free tyre pressure service.

There isn’t much better to be said about the rest of the competition , Asda has 19.7 per cent, Lidl 15 per cent and Aldi 10 per cent. While it might not seem significant to the supermarket bosses now, the opportunity to charge your car while doing the weekly shop could be a huge incentive to shoppers in the very near future.

“Congratulations to Tesco and Morrisons which have both invested heavily to provide customers with good charging facilities,” said Ginny Buckley, founder of Electrifying. “We’d love every supermarket site to offer this, but we aren’t there yet. We expected more supermarkets to be doing better, but it’s still great to see how some of them have recognised that offering shoppers reliable car charging is not only good for business but will also help give the nation confidence to make the switch.

“With electric cars surging in popularity – July saw battery electric vehicles claim a nine-percent market share in the UK – and ambitious government targets to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel cars by 2030, providing charging infrastructure at convenient locations is crucial to encourage drivers to go electric sooner, particularly the significant number that don’t have access to off-street parking.”