Tesla Owners Locked Out

Tue 23rd Nov 2021

They may be the most technologically advanced car brand on the planet, but as experienced this week, Tesla are prone to some of the problems which all digital devices suffer, a ‘server error’.

Most Tesla’s rely on the vehicle’s own unique app to provide many of the functions, and when that app malfunctions, like it did at the weekend, then there are some potentially embarrassing problems for the electric car pioneer. The main problem it seems is that hundreds of drivers were unable to access the app which normally allows them keyless entry to their car, so effectively they were locked out.

Social media was the battle-ground for complaints, as a Korean journalist led the charge of disappointment, and though Elon Musk was quick to update users, there were many who were stuck. There was a solution in that the key car does allow entry to a car, but many are used to simply operating the smartphone app and may not even carry the card.

"There will be a secondary mechanism to get in or out of the car beyond the app, the difficulty will come for drivers if they are not carrying it," Stuart Masson, editor of The Car Expert website, told the BBC.

"Technology makes things convenient, but relies on a server working 100% of the time. It's the same as leaving the house without my credit cards, expecting to pay for things with my smartphone. If we are reliant on one mechanism all the time, we can be caught out."

Musk later tweeted that the problem was an ‘increased verbosity of network traffic’ which won’t have reassured the many owners locked out, particularly as the problem seemed to last five hours according to outage tracking site, DownDetector.