Tesla To Launch Model 3 In The UK

Tue 25th Dec 2018

US motoring innovators Tesla have announced that they are to launch the Model 3 to the UK market in 2019.

With self-driving hardware, the Model 3 will become one of the first cars on UK roads which have the technology for autonomy when legislation in this country allows. The Model 3 has been on sale in the United States since July 2017 and has sold more than 100,000 units since launch.

The Model 3, which is seen as  serious rival to the BMW 3 Series and has been breaking sales records in both the US and China throughout 2018, retails at £40,000 in the US, though a price for the UK market has not been revealed.

UK customers have already had a glimpse of the new Tesla, with showrooms in London and Manchester having one on display. While European customers will get the first deliveries in February and March, it is expected that the first production models will arrive on these shores by the middle of 2019.

Tesla’s move into European markets is a strategic one based on the tax credits available to buyers both in the States and in Europe. Whilst tax incentives are being reduced in the USA, they are still quite attractive for those buying electric cars in many European countries.

“We're excited to bring Model 3 to Europe and China early next year given that the market for mid-sized premium sedans in those regions is even larger than in North America,' Elon Musk announced on Twitter.

Tesla has already launched the Model S hatchback and Model X in Britain, and has also installed a network of superchargers to meet demand.