Tesla Under Attack

Sat 6th May 2023

Tesla may be regarded as one of the pioneering car brands on the planet, but their role in the electric revolution of motoring has not been enjoyed by all.

It goes without saying that staunch petrolheads will turn their nose up at an EV, but this week the electric car experts at electrifying.com have also weighed into Elon Musk’s business.

Traditionalists argue that due to the absence of an engine, the car's sound, feel, and general driving experience differ from those of conventional petrol-powered cars. For some car fans who prefer the visceral sensation of operating a high-performance gasoline engine, this may not be an appealing feature.

The minimalist interior design of Teslas, which lacks many of the tactile buttons and dials found in conventional cars, may also turn off some traditional automobile enthusiasts. The cabin of the Tesla, which might not be to everyone's taste, is instead dominated by a huge touchscreen display that manages several aspects of the vehicle.

Finally, traditional vehicle aficionados who cherish the driving experience and believe that driving is a talent that should be acquired rather than delegated to technology may take issue with Teslas' advanced autonomous driving capabilities.

But you’d expect EV fans, to stick up for Tesla, but that’s not always the case. The team at electrifying.com have listed ten areas the US brand can do better. From a lack of choice in colours, an obsession with automated driving tech, and even too short charging cables, Mike Askew’s team have picked out some of the worst of Tesla.

One aspect of a Tesla could even see owners breaking the law without them realising it.

“This is quite cheeky and something Tesla has got away with for years. If you look at the vehicle’s info plate on the door frame, it tells you that the maximum payload of the car. In the case of the Model 3 we had recently, that means if you put any more than 433kg into the car, you’ll be exceeding its legal maximum weight,” the electrifying.com editor explained.

“The average adult man in the UK is 84kg. So if you had five blokes in the car, you’d only be able to take 13 kilos of luggage, before you were breaking the law.”