Tesla’s Latest Software Update Is Not To Be Sniffed At

Wed 26th Dec 2018

Tesla’s latest raft of ‘Easter Eggs’ built into its onboard software includes an option for car to make fart noises.

Nicknamed ‘short shorts ripper’ Tesla CEO Elon Musk, the new update is one of six noises added to the car’s onboard entertainment. Musk said the fart noise was a ‘thank you to Tesla short sellers’ in a jibe at those who suggest that company was headed for the brakes.

Other sound effect options added to ‘Emissions Testing Mode’ include Ludicrous Far, Neurastink, Boring Fart, I’m So Random and Falcon Heavy.

Another element of the new update is Romance Mode, which by tapping the T in the top corner of the Tesla dashboard will allow users to tap a fireplace emoji and then see their dashboard display turn into a roaring fireplace for Tesla’s lovers to get all snuggled up in front of.

The Tesla update will also introduce the arcade game classic Pole Position, which can be controlled using the car’s steering wheel, though only whilst the car is stationary.