The £50m Road To Nowhere

Thu 20th Aug 2020

It’s the opposite to spaghetti junction, the road which leads nowhere off the M49 in Gloucester could be the biggest white elephant on the UK’s motorway network.

The junction, which was built to deliver better access to an Amazon warehouse, is one one dead-end after the developers have failed to add a slip road nine months after the road was supposed to be finished.

Amazon is one of several businesses which would benefit from the completion of the junction, along with big names such as Tesco, Lidl, Next and DHL, but these companies are being accused of holding the public purse to ransom by local residents.

Thousands of lorries are using local A roads to enter the business park, still unable to access from the M49 junction and despite the fact that £50 million has been paid to help deliver the junction, it is still being unused.

“Now that Highways England has constructed the new junction, the responsibility for building the link road, which will provide access to the junction and the wider network lies solely with the landowner, Delta Properties,” a South Gloucestershire spokesman told MailOnline.

“We have been working to influence and help facilitate construction of the link road and have been in contact with both the landowner and major employers in the area, seeking to ensure that the link is constructed in a timely manner.”