The Blue Badge Problem Is About To Get Worse

Mon 26th Aug 2019

The issue of there not being enough Blue Badge spaces for disabled drivers is set to be put under severe pressure from September 1st.

The biggest change to the scheme since it was launched in 1970 will see millions of new drivers eligible to apply for a Blue Badge, putting additional strain on a scheme which is already struggling to cope.

Studies suggest that there are not enough spaces to serve the existing 2.4m badge holders, but with millions now eligible with hidden conditions such as Crohn’s Disease and Autism, there could be problems.

According to research from there is only one council-operated disabled bay per 30 Blue Badge holders and with the change in eligibility coming in from September 1st, only a quarter of councils have admitted they will make more spaces available.

Amanda Stretton, motoring editor at, said: “Clearly more parking for Blue Badge holders is needed - 30 drivers to one space is quite a challenge.

“It's no wonder some of these drivers have had to park elsewhere, and the number of people competing for spaces is only going to grow as more people can apply for a Blue Badge now.”

She added: “Drivers who misuse these spaces are making the problem even worse. They should be more respectful and leave them free for those who need them.”