The Cars That Money Can't Buy - Lotus Esprit

Tue 20th Feb 2018

Sometimes your chequebook won’t stretch to purchasing your dream motor. But don’t worry too much, there are some cars that even the biggest bank balances can’t buy, the dream cars that will forever remain a dream. These are the concept cars that never get made.

Lotus Esprit
Though technically not a concept car in the traditional sense of the word, by the mere fact that Lotus actually produced these cars for 28 years between 1976 and 2004. It’s popularity and iconic looks made it a favourite and the fact that it was produced in the UK even more so.

Cue the 2010 Paris Motor Show and the reveal of a completely redesigned Esprit. The new-look maintained those familiar sight lines, having been in the design process for four years and excitement levels reached a high when Lotus said the car was due to go into production in 2013 and on sale in 2014.

With a futuristic front-end and LED front daytime running lights, it certainly looked the part and Donato Coco had all the plaudits. Under the bonnet we were promised a 5.0 litre V8 engine, with a 7 speed duel-clutch transaxle.

Sadly, as great as it both looked and sounded, our dreams were dashed in September 2014 when inexplicably Lotus announced they were scrapping the Esprit project and sticking with lightweight cars.